Wan Cheng Huat

Founder / Curator / Le Grande Architect

Cheng Huat is the brainchild of MinNature Malaysia. Passionate in preserving Malaysian culture and heritage in the forms of miniature but he was never classically trained in any forms of art. He mastered the art of miniaturism by just the path of trial and error. Never giving up until perfection is reached. If only perfection can ever be reached.

Janice Chin

Senior Masterbuilder (Model & Paint)

Janice Chin is the rose amongst the thorns; the only lady amongst the 6 gentlemen involved in this crazy project. Janice dedicated much of her time mastering miniature works and painting with all types of medium.

She was responsible for many of the miniature scenes with her delicate touches and ideas.

Chan Chee Wing

Director / Senior Masterbuilder (3D printing, Electronic, Electrical and Trains)

Chee Wing worked tirelessly manning over 20 3D printers single-handedly. To date, he clocked over 1 million printing hours and over 7 tonnes of plastics printed together with the machines.

He also single-handedly maintaining the trains and tracks to ensure they run smoothly. He was solely in charged of the electrical layouts of the modelling area.

Tan Hon Sen

Senior MasterBuilder (Structure, Miniature Building and Landscape)

Hon Sen gained his skillsets on the job. Fresh out of college with a marketing degree, he was one of the best Masterbuilder we had. Apart from his ability to mark out blueprints accurately and assembling the miniature buildings, he is very witty and punny. You see a lot of him embedded within MinNature.

Ng Jef Fre

MasterBuilder Level 3

Jef Fre dedication can be seen all around the gallery. Often he will be assisting Chee Wing and Hon Sen with the civil, structural and electrical works. He seldom complaints when put under pressure.

Eric Siow

Senior Miniature Food Artist

Eric graduated in Visual Communications and after more than 13 years in the graphic design industry, Eric boldly decided to take a diverse change in his career, he learned clay craft (particularly in food sculpting) in Singapore and fell in love with it ever since.

He is one of the 4 miniature food artists we have here in MinNature Malaysia. However, most of the food display you will see are made by him.

Brian Tan

Junior MasterBuilder

Wong Hui Wen

Junior MasterBuilder

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