Part of the old MinNature crew from Summit USJ (circa 2016)
Top Left to Right ; Benjamin Wan, Jessli, Hazim, Janice Chin, Cheng Huat, Jerome Ong, Hon Sen, Roland Uytuico and Brian Tan.
Bottom Left to Right: Chee Wing and John

MinNature Malaysia is brought to you by a group of people with very little or no experience in miniature making. And they were led by an even crazier person who always love to refer himself as Le Grand Architecte. 

This self-proclaimed “syiok sendiri” Le Grand Architecte has no experience in any model making or miniature making; all he has, is a vision to bring wonderful and beautiful miniature art works for everyone’s enjoyment. 

It all started back in 2008 when he saw a viral video of a miniature train exhibition known to the world as “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg, Germany. It took him very long to fund raise and make this gallery a reality.

With a super great and dedicated team, MinNature and MinNature Malaysia was born. Without the team, MinNature Malaysia would still only be a piece of imagination. Now we hope the world can see we have build up. It is not the world best but it’s something we did our best with. We hope to bring you more miniature collections in the near future.

"We draw our inspiration from Malaysia's rich and diverse history and culture. In a miniature form, we are able to recreate exquisite representation of the essence which makes us Malaysian. In forms of mini stories, we really hope that our patrons will be able to experience the essence of Malaysia in a single day."

Part of the old MinNature crew from Summit USJ (circa 2016)


To forever be a place to showcase the wonderful talents of our local and regional miniature artists.


  • To continue to make people be wow-ed with our miniature gallery. If you leave our place without being wow-ed, we failed.
  • To make visitors more cultured with our so-called cultural heritage miniature models and stories.
  • To continue to explore crazy ideas to mystify our visitors.