Subang Jaya’s Newest Hidden Gem: MinNature Malaysia

Asia’s first model railway exhibition opened its doors on 20th November 2016 and has been creating a buzz in the world of miniature. MinNature Malaysia has been attracting visitors from near and far; as far as Dubai, United States of America and Japan.

Situated at Level 4 of Summit USJ Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya, MinNature Malaysia spans across 17,000 square feet of exhibition gallery space. “MinNature Malaysia existence is set to put Subang Jaya into the map as one of the newest tourist location in Malaysia,” said Wan Cheng Huat, founder and managing director of Miniature Wonders Sdn Bhd which wholly owns MinNature Malaysia.

Children overlooking The Dataran centerpiece.

“Minnature Malaysia offers visitors a whole new experience with its European style barrier-less exhibition concept. This is to give visitors the experience where they can immerse themselves into this miniature wonderland and get up close to the model exhibits. Photo taking and exhibition walks will never be the same again at MinNature Malaysia,” he said.

The exhibition section is divided into 8 very distinctive sections which showcase the many unique places and culture of Malaysia such as the ‘kampung scenes’, Northport and “The Dataran” centrepiece. There are over 120 push buttons to bring the exhibits alive through sound, lights and movements. Wan further shared, “if you enjoy Treasure Hunts, MinNature is the place for you. Many people have come to participate in this creative and fun activity. Participating in the Treasure Hunt will let you see more things hidden fun things such as princes and superheroes.”

Visitors experience the one of a kind treasure hunt quest.

MinNature Malaysia also holds the helm as the largest 3D printed miniature wonderland in the world with over 1,600 kilograms of ABS plastic used to create every model within the exhibition. Visitors can participate in their fun and challenging workshops, and discover the wonders of 3D printing technology.

“We are expecting up to 30,000 visitors for this year as we continue to crank up our marketing plans. We have started receiving group booking and reservation orders for September 2017 till December 2017. It is our first year and we hope to have a great start,” Wan stated.

Wan said MinNature Malaysia will be revealing its new section very soon.

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