Exhibits & Zones

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5. Countryside Life

Here you start your journey into MinNature at the lovely countryside life scene. Immerse your senses to the clucking chickens and mooing coming from the highland dairy farm, while going through the scenes of kampung houses. Here you will find various kinds of plantations and even solar farms. You will then come across a small town set up which was inspired by Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.


6. Seaport
Inspired by Port Klang, MinNature Seaport gives you a bird’s eye view on how our famous West Port of Port Klang looks like. There are over a thousand containers set up at the seaport. Next to the seaport you will get to see some smaller towns and chalet, look closely and you shall find an illegal rooster fighting scene inside one of the houses. The houses on stilts are inspired by what you can see at Pulau Ketam and Tanjung Sepat.


7. Industrial Zone
Here you get to witness many sorts of industrial factories and warehouses. We are working hard to provide furniture and the other necessities needed by MinNaturians. From time to time, we will continue to make more things move. Stay tuned in.


8. Leisure Park
At this zone, you get to see the little detailing to of the leisure areas and themed parks. The zoo house 15 different animals which many of them were handcrafted from scratch. Try to spot our very own Malaysian Tapir and Malayan Tigers. Will you be surprised if we told you that the Tapir was handmade with hot glue gun? You get to see many lively scenes from concerts to the fun fair. Look closely and you shall find our very own Jurassic park.


9. The Banjaran
The Banjaran houses long trails of train tracks. Stay long enough and you may see many trains move by. The Banjaran is the highest point in MinNature; standing up to 4.313m height. Within the Banjaran, we can fit around 60 people inside the cavern within the mountain.


10. Enchanted Valley
Below the Banjaran lies the Enchanted Valley, here you see many mystical and enchanted things from the Masterbuilders’ imagination. You will see a forest of the Yellow Meranti, the tallest rainforest tree in the world which is also found here in Malaysia. This section is based on our visitors’ feedback on what they would like to see. When we received quite a significant number of the same request, we will put our heads together and start building the models for this sections. So do share your ideas, you will never know.


11. Ole Smokey
It is one of a kind volcano you can ever find in the world. You will need to use your body to connect the circuits and light up the volcanoes. When enough people are interacting together, you will see it smoke up. Try and smoke MinNature up.


12. Builders’ Park
A miniature construction diorama with great details. Over 3,000 miniature scaffolds were erected to help construct the buildings. Look closely and you can see how road surfacing are done and if you look even closer, you will be able to find 2 treasure hunt items.


13. MinNature Town
Here you see a small town of MinNature which has its very unusual condominium, own golf course, and sports complex. Ever growing, you will see new things popping up time to time. Look out closely and you get to see the Elephant Mountain.


14. Airport & Train Depot
Phase 3 development. Stay Tuned.


15. The Dataran
This centerpiece showcases the Dataran of Kuala Lumpur. The buildings are 3D designed and 3D printed locally. Each building were handpainted to give the realistic feel of seeing old buildings. There are many hidden objects and stories about Dataran. Do ask our guides to share interesting facts to you.


16. Twin Tower 
Phase 2 development. On going.