World's Largest 3D Printed Miniature Wonderland

Spanning over 17,000 sqft and using over 1,600 kg of ABS plastics, MinNature is the largest of its kinda . MinNature features Malaysia's historical and iconic buildings; giving visitors a 360 degrees bird eyes view.

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Masterbuilder's Workshop

Join the Masterbuilder's workshop and get a little experience on how we built MinNature from scratch. Its great fun for all ages.

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Truly miniature marvel

MinNature is filled with over 20,000 miniature. Take our treasure hunt challenge and explore MinNature in a very different perspective. Try to capture all 30 easter eggs in MinNature.

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MinNature Malaysia is strategically situated at Level 4, Summit USJ Shopping Complex, right in the heart of Subang Jaya. We are just 10 minutes drive away from Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon. We are also conveniently accessible via public buses, taxi, UBER, GRAB, LRT, KTM and BRT.

MinNature Malaysia is the Asia's largest and the world's third largest permanent indoor miniature and trains exhibition. We have 17,000 sq ft of exhibition space which also includes reading display areas, multimedia room, photobooth, Masterbuilder workshop and souvenir shop. MinNature is suitable for all ages.

Every single exhibit in MinNature was handcrafted and handmade here in Malaysia. This is a live exhibition where every week, we will put in new models and dioramas. So what you see today may not be the same by next month or next year. Every entrance to MinNature is a new wonderful experience.

We run an open, barrier-less concept exhibition, this is so that visitors coming to MinNature can immerse themselves into this wonderland and get up close to the models.

Apart from viewing the miniatures, we have our interactive and reading sections where visitors can interact with the models, and also read up on interesting facts and historical facts about the exhibits.

Some key features of MinNature:
- Asia's largest miniature and train exhibition in Asia (17,000sqf)
- 100% designed and made by Malaysians.
- 360 degree view of various KL buildings
- Interactive models - moving trains, volcano, solar panels,
- Fun activities - Treasure Hunt Challenge, Spot the Missing Exhibit.
- For all ages, tourist or local Malaysians

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We are also launching our DIORAMA and 3D PRINTER COURSES at MITA Travel Fair 2018.
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Final preparation for MITA Travel Fair 2018 at MITEC this 19th-21st January 2018.

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We are at booth A226, A227, A236 and A237.

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Being cold alone is miserable, being cold together is an adventure! So come over to MinNature and let's be cold together! 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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Subang Jaya’s Newest Hidden Gem: MinNature Malaysia

Asia’s first model railway exhibition opened its doors on 20th November 2016 and has been creating a buzz in the world of miniature. MinNature Malaysia has been attracting visitors from near and far; as far as Dubai, United States of America and Japan.

Situated at Level 4 of Summit USJ Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya, MinNature Malaysia spans across 17,000 square feet of exhibition gallery space. “MinNature Malaysia existence is set to put Subang Jaya into the map as one of the newest tourist location in Malaysia,” said Wan Cheng Huat, founder and managing director of Miniature Wonders Sdn Bhd which wholly owns MinNature Malaysia.

Children overlooking The Dataran centerpiece.

“Minnature Malaysia offers visitors a whole new experience with its European style barrier-less exhibition concept. This is to give visitors the experience where they can immerse themselves into this miniature wonderland and get up close to the model exhibits. Photo taking and exhibition walks will never be the same again at MinNature Malaysia,” he said.

The exhibition section is divided into 8 very distinctive sections which showcase the many unique places and culture of Malaysia such as the ‘kampung scenes’, Northport and “The Dataran” centrepiece. There are over 120 push buttons to bring the exhibits alive through sound, lights and movements. Wan further shared, “if you enjoy Treasure Hunts, MinNature is the place for you. Many people have come to participate in this creative and fun activity. Participating in the Treasure Hunt will let you see more things hidden fun things such as princes and superheroes.”

Visitors experience the one of a kind treasure hunt quest.

MinNature Malaysia also holds the helm as the largest 3D printed miniature wonderland in the world with over 1,600 kilograms of ABS plastic used to create every model within the exhibition. Visitors can participate in their fun and challenging workshops, and discover the wonders of 3D printing technology.

“We are expecting up to 30,000 visitors for this year as we continue to crank up our marketing plans. We have started receiving group booking and reservation orders for September 2017 till December 2017. It is our first year and we hope to have a great start,” Wan stated.

Wan said MinNature Malaysia will be revealing its new section very soon.

For the latest updates on MinNature, visit the official website or follow MinNature on


MINNATURE – Miniature Exhibition Charity Walk (a CSR programme)

MinNature CSR programme sponsors at least 1 group of less fortunate children or orphans once a month to come visit and experience all the wonders of MinNature. It is a programme where we try to expose these wonderful minds to the creative industry and world.

Today’s walk was jointly organised by Summit Hotel Subang USJ and MinNature Malaysia. Total of 46 orphans will be coming in to MinNature to get a great experience.

Not Just Any School Excursion.

It is that time of the year again that teachers and children from all ages start flocking around looking for venues for their annual excursions. We had great fun bringing all the children around; most of them very excited and inquisitive about MinNature and its miniature wonders. Our goal is to impart as much valuable knowledge to these beautiful and growing minds. MinNature is place for you to learn differently; we use touch, storytelling and hands on presentation to educate children about lifestyle, culture, history and even science and technology. We continue to create new things for children and even adults to come and explore. Stay tuned for more.


Printing Some Layout for Developer Clients.

The test print looks great and takes a reasonable good amount adjustments before getting a nice print out. This is a 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 2cm piece which took 1 hour 40 minutes to 3D print out.

Next to test out are the window openings. Can’t wait to show the developers their test print.

If you wish to know more how you can 3D print your products. Just send in a request for quotation to or


Masterbuilder’s Workshop

The Masterbuilder’s Workshop modules are one of the most fun and educational activities you can participate in. The modules are available in 3 difficulty levels at the moment.

RM15.00 for the tree making workshop;

RM25.00 for the model kampung house making workshop;

RM35.00 for the complete model kampung house with landscapes.

The workshop usually takes around 2 hours to complete. We will show you the entire process and you will be able to get your hands a little dirty and messy during the making of your masterpiece. The workshop is great fun for all ages; we have participants as young as 4 years old and as old as 45 years old enjoying themselves.

 So when you are at MinNature, do not forget to join in the workshop activities. You won’t regret it.

World’s Largest 3D Printed Miniature Wonderland

MinNature Malaysia is the largest 3D printed miniature wonderland in the world. Inspired by the largest model railway in the world – Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, MinNature was created to introduce miniature model railway to this part of the world. However, unlike the other model railway exhibitions around the world which uses quite a lot of models which can be purchased off-the-rack from the many big brands such as Faller, Kibri, Vollmer and many more, MinNature showcases over 95% 3D printed buildings and structures which were specifically 3D designed and 3D printed in house for this project.

The first 3D design and 3D printing started in mid 2014. Here in the photograph, you can see our first Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer at work. 1 3D printer grew to 10 3D printers in 3 months and we printed day and night. Even to date, we are still 3D printing new phases of the exhibition. Over 1,600 kg of ABS filaments were used to produce the many scenes in MinNature.

By the end of the first quarter of 2016, we started in situ landscaping and modeling assembly works. Prior to this project, 99% of our team members have never done or have any experience scale modeling or architecture modeling or model train or construction works before. It was a great challenge for the team, with a min age of 22 years old, to work on and they successfully did it. It took the team almost 8 months to complete the entire 7,000 square feet of layout.

MinNature houses over 20,000 miniature figurines, buildings, structures and objects. Within the landscape, we have also embedded over 30 easter eggs all around the site for you to discover.